URL Scanning API

  1. Scans URLs and returns warnings if a URL indicates a possible phishing attempt. Warnings can be easily mapped for end-users. Examples include the URL being recently created or containing a wallet drainer
  2. Verify that you are on an official web3 URL. Our allowlist, which contains 300+ verified web3 domains such as OpenSea, MetaMask, Coinbase, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and more.

Simulation APIs

Supports transactions and signatures

  1. Returns human readable insights from an Ethereum transaction
  2. Malicious transaction & signature warnings

Supported Chains

Ethereum Mainnet
Binance Smart ChainComing soon
BaseComing Soon

A note about both services

Our simulation APIs automatically integrate URL scanning as long as you provide an origin URL for the request. This allows us to provide the deepest insights into the safety of a transaction. For example, Set Approval For All is a perfectly reasonable signature for a website like OpenSea to ask for in order to list your NFTs. But if an unverified website is asking Set Approval for All, there is strong reason to believe that website could have malicious intent.


Proactively notify a user of a wallet drainer

Stormwatcher blocks wallet drainers before you even connect your wallet.

Web3 URL verification & Sign-in screens

Verify that your users are interacting with the official DApp URL.

Ask us about getting access to our CDN for the assets to enable this for your use-case!

Transaction simulation: Simple, human-readable transactions

Signature decoding: Advanced security warnings

Signature Decoding - Critical level risk detected

Signature Decoding - Critical level risk detected